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One of my favorite things to do is to browse beautiful sites and shops.   It's so interesting to see the different designs, features, content, and layouts.  I'd love to help you improve your own site with a consultation!  That means I dig into your site and provide feedback on...

  • What you're rocking at
  • Pages or features that can be improved
  • Minor tweaks to design or content
  • Layout or functionality suggestions
  • Any broken links or confusing bits
  • Additions that could add value

I am NOT a copywriter or editor... let's be clear.  I use emojis and ellipses far too often and cannot be trusted with ensuring your copy is free of errors.  If you need someone to do that, I have some friends.  Just let me know.  :)

Once I review your site, I'll send you a formal write up that outlines all of those sweet bullet points above.  A fresh set of eyes on your site can give a great perspective on something that you look at all the time... and is tough for you to ask of customers or friends to do objectively.  I'd love to help!  

Design only: $40

Content only: $40

Design + Content: $60