Design Process.png

Design Process.png

1.  Connect

You send me a message about your project ideas.  I let you know about the process, timeline, price, and any other relevant information.  Let's connect.


We agree on details and I send you a proposal, contract, and invoice.  Once the contract is signed, your calendar slot is reserved.  Payment in-full is due prior to your design week unless your total is above a certain amount (in that case, it's due before final delivery).  Once the invoice is taken care of, I'll send you a link to your client portal (so futuristic sounding... huh?), which is where we'll keep all of the forms, mock ups, emails, etc. nicely organized. 

3.  Gather

I'll send you a pretty detailed questionnaire.  We discuss styles, palettes, fonts, templates, and more, so that I can get a good understanding of what you'd like to see in your project.  Pinterest is your friend.

4. Design

I draw, doodle, design, edit, drink wine, and email you for feedback mid-design sometimes.  We'll become BFF's during this process.  I want you to be happy, so I will need your frequent input and feedback.

5.  Review

I'll send you a mock up (or 10) and ask you to give feedback.  Then I'll take that and run with it.


We make changes.  Changes to fonts, colors, sizing, positioning, etc.  I don't mind tweaking until it's perfect.  However, totally pulling a 180 will result in more time... which means more $.  This is why your initial questionnaire is so important.  We will probably camp out in the "review, tweak" cycle for a bit before it's exactly how you want it.

7. Deliver

Your final design files, instructions, relevant color codes, and font names will be delivered to you via email (often a .zip file to compress sizes), either straight through email or via a Google Drive link (depends on sizes).  Then we cheers with a virtual glass fo wine.  You're finished!