How long does the process take?

About a week once I’ve begun designing.  Logos and smaller graphics take about week (sometimes faster) and sites take a minimum of two since there are so many elements to design and decisions to be made.  Be sure to check out the Design Process.

There will likely be a waitlist because I am a mom and wife first, and a designer second.  I do this part-time at home and cannot schedule more than a handful of people in a week (depending on their needs).  This wait will also give you a little time to gather your ideas and really nail down your vision.  When your week begins, I will be sending frequent emails for you to review the progress. The more quickly you respond, the faster the process will go.  


How and when do I pay?

I use a secure client management system.  I will send a proposal, contract, and invoice after we’ve come to an agreement designs and pricing, but prior to beginning any design work.  The invoice will need to be paid by the Sunday of your week (and before I begin designing).  If your total is more than $200, a deposit can be made, but it will need to be paid in full prior to final delivery.    The system allows you to pay via PayPal or any credit card.


What is your refund policy?

I give full refunds if the work has not been started.  Once work has begun, I give partial refunds based on the amount of time I’ve spent working on your project.