Premade Branding

Constrained by your budget or just need something quickly?  Premade branding is a great solution.



- Each brand is only customized for 3 clients.  Once I use the design 3 times, it's retired.  

-You supply the brand name and color.  I add the name, format colors, tweak placement, and create a watermark.  

-No alterations to the design or fonts, other than the name and colors, are made.  If you'd like a more custom design, I'd love to do one for you!  Contact me and I can set you up with one of my more custom logo packages.  

-Files are saved at 300dpi as transparent PNGs.

You receive

1 Colored Logo Customized With Your Brand Name & Colors

1 Watermark



Styles Available


Design Process

1.  You submit the form below.

2.  I'll send you an invoice to the email provided below.  Pricing will include a 6% KY sales tax (I know... boo.)

3.  Once the invoice is paid, I'll design your logo and send you a mock up.

4.  Once you've approved the mock up, I'll create the watermark, save the files, and send them your way! 

*I only work M-F, so just an FYI if you submit this on a Saturday.  :)  

Name *
Which style logo would you like? *
Please let me know the exact wording you'd like for the logo. (i.e. Top: "502"; Bottom: "Health & Fitness")
Please provide the exact #HEX codes for your brand colors. Also, please indicate below how you want me to use those colors OR you can leave it up to me to determine the best placement and use of them.